Canada is a vast country of over 30 million people. To people who are not from Canada or even to Canadians who aren't familiar with their own national geography, Canada is dominated by the big cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary. But most Canadians live in smaller cities and towns like London, Ontario. If you're thinking of moving to Canada or relocating within Canada, we urge you to consider buying your property in London, Ontario. This website should help you find out everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision about how to make your move.

The city of London is located along the prosperous corridor running from Windsor on the border with the United States all the way to Quebec City. Much of Canada's population lives in this belt, and approximately 350,000 people live in London itself. It is the largest city in Southwestern Ontario and it takes its name, as well as many of the names of its prominent geographical features, from the city of London in England. If you were to go on a tour of the city's oldest structures you would be able to see homes and commercial buildings that date back to the city's founding in the early 1800s.

London is a growing city, with much of its success owing to its balanced economy. At one time it was a hotspot for manufacturing, specifically of automobiles, but London has since expanded its economic base into the fields of education, tourism, and health care. It is home to the Western University, one of Canada's best schools, which accounts for a lot of money in other sectors, like campus housing, retail sales, restaurants, and student services. Some of the companies that feed off the research done at Western include General Dynamics and 3M.

Londoners, as people who live in London are called, enjoy recreation. They are great supporters of their local Ontario Hockey League team the Knights and enthusiastic patrons of the arts, which are celebrated in numerous festivals throughout the year. The city's many parks and green spaces also provide room for individual reflection and recreation as well as a chance for residents to escape their homes and take in some fresh air. Victoria Park is a popular gathering place and hosts many community events.

As far as home buyers are concerned, perhaps the most attractive feature London offers is its home prices. For the average home in London, buyers pay approximately half of what they would be expected to pay in Toronto without being asked to put up with a lengthy commute or a lack of jobs and entertainment. This keeps real estate agents and mortgage brokers happy and it keeps home buyers in Canada happy too. So if you're looking for a nice, reasonably priced, mid-sized city to settle down in, London might just be perfect for you.

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