A good reason to buy another home in London is that your kids won't have to move away from home in order to get a good post secondary education. Here's some information about the University of Western Ontario, London's top educational institute, so you can see if it's the right fit for you, or convince your kids to stay home if it comes to that.

The University of Western Ontario (also commonly known as UWO or Western) is a public research university that occupies almost 400 acres of prime riverside property in London, Ontario. Founded in 1878 as an offshoot of Bishop's College, a small liberal arts school in Quebec. Today it has an endowment of over $325 million and more students than the average small city. Upwards of 24,000 people are attending UWO full time at any given time.

The reason so many students choose Western over Canada's other universities is that it has over 200 programs in 12 different faculties, some of which are rated as Canada's best. It has all the regular standbys like engineering, arts, and science, as well as a medical school, a media school, a business school, faculties of music and education, and a law program that could lead to you trying suits of class action in Canada.

Students who attend Western tend to become actively involved in student life, playing for and cheering on the 37 varsity sports teams, joining clubs, attending extra lectures, and forming hobby clubs, political parties, and protest groups. Though many students live off campus while they're doing their studies, Western has many residences ranging from traditional dorms to apartment dorms that they can live in instead. Choosing a dorm over living at home may be a good compromise for kids who want to move away.

For someone who wants to get a good job Western is one of the best schools they can choose. It has been ranked #1 in Canada several times by the Globe and Mail and is regularly ranked near the top of the Medical-Doctorate level universities by Maclean's Magazine. The school also does more than $200 million in research ever year, which is great for science and medicine students looking to make a name for themselves.

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