There are currently more than 235,000 people working in the city of London and if you're moving to the area than you likely be on them. London offers a very diverse economy with people working in all sorts of industries and sectors. There are people specializing in finance and education and those working in healthcare, and still more who decide to start a home based business. So that means that there is a good chance that you will be able to find a quality job at whatever working level you might be at.

Polls show that the largest industries in terms of the number of employees are health care and social services, manufacturing, and business services. Each of these has more than thirty thousand employees working within the city of London. London is a health care and biotechnology leader in the country, mainly due to the presence of the huge science research department at the University of Western Ontario. You will find that there are many masters and PhD students living campus housing while they are working in the lab to make some of the world's next big discoveries. There are also several hospitals in the area, with specialists serving patients throughout Southwestern Ontario.

There are many major factories in the area. There is the Labatt Brewery and more than five hundred people working for McCormick Canada. If you have experience working with an industrial machinery or as a foreperson than you may want to consider putting your resume in to one of these firms. You can also visit one of the local employment offices or resume writing services, as many factories in the area hire first through these agencies.

London Life Insurance was founded in the city and still maintains its headquarters right downtown. This is the largest operation when it comes to business services but there are also many other office buildings and financial institutions. The city can also boast of several jobs in the education sector, as it is home to the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College.

These are only a few of the job options for those living in the London area. There are also more than ten thousand people each working in sectors like real estate, construction, and retail trade. There really are all sorts of opportunities for someone looking for a new career.

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