One of the best things about living in London is that it has a great contrast of city and natural landscapes. You can go to work in a large office building and get all of your shopping done for everything from groceries to hockey gear and then spend your evening taking a stroll along the river with your family or a great friend. One of the best places to enjoy the quieter and more peaceful life in London is at Springbank Park. This is a three hundred acre urban park that will give you everything from woodlands to a great little theme park for kids.

Springbank Park has been a part of the landscape of London since 1874 and was originally purchased for its abundance of fresh spring water. This inspired its name, which is still used today. The park is now open throughout the year from sunrise to sundown and there are lots of different things within it that you might wish to take advantage of. Those who need inspiration for their art might want to visit here or take some time to explore Springbank Gardens, while others who are a little more active might want to spend a couple of hours biking or walking along the thirty kilometres of trails.

Springbank Gardens is in the heart of the park and holds trails and soccer field and splash pads. This is a great choice within the city if you're looking for a place to host an outdoor event or is just something that you can enjoy after a long day. There is a scenic lookout and this might also be the perfect choice for those who are interested in finding a spot where they can take pictures for a wedding or a graduation.

Storybook Gardens is something else entirely. This is a spot for the whole family to spend the day in the summertime and has many activities and events throughout the summer months. You can spend some time in the Enchanted Forest or could visit Pirates' Island. And for your children you might want to sign them up for the day camp sessions. This is an attraction that is great for children between the ages of four and twelve. And if you're coming for a full day event then you can pack a lunch to enjoy in the park or visit the concession stand within Storybook Gardens.

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